Mediterranean University


“ With the Divine Blessing, this Mediterranean University is under the protection, grace and guidance of my prodigious ancestor, Moulay Idriss Primo, descendant of the Prophet (Saws), founder of the holy city of Fes in 788; joyfully follows the blessing of Lalla Fatima Al – Fihriya my bright inspiration: the first university in the West was founded by this exceptional Berber woman in 859 in Fes, called the Qarawaii University, or “the inhabitants of Qayrawan”, is one of the the main spiritual and educational centers of the Muslim world and is the oldest educational institution in the world.“

Sidi Lakhdar Lahcine(*)


Tomb of the founder of the city of Fes, Idriss I

In reference to the program of the Mediterranean University with Social Headquarters in San Giovanni in Fiore (CS) on economic, cultural and academic exchanges that can intertwine between Southern Italy, the European Union and the other Mediterranean Sea, our Mediterranean Center for Scientific Research – Mediterranean University, CMRS with the Mediterranean University founded by Prof. Lakdar Lahcine (professor of the role of the University of Calabria, Unical – Rende) in the prophetic city of San Giovanni in Fiore in the Province of Cosenza on 15 April 2002 has the pleasure to emphasize the attention of its customers and partnerships that this theme was designed, designed, organized and developed in the Union De La Méditerranée and Casa del Mediterraneo organization from 1985 and disseminated and developed all within the countries of the European Union in the form of scientific seminars, protocols and presentation at the EU headquarters in Brussels on 27/12/1998 and an international seminar on 23 December 2000 in Santa Severina (KR – Crotone) to create synergies of development and peace, starting with the Barcelona Pact of 1995.

Holy City of Fes

The C.M.R.S, Mediterranean Center of Scientific Research, is a project that tends towards the creation of an original Mediterranean University:
the Mediterranean as Crocicchio and Cultural and Economic Center is to be discovered again in the face of the rich and developed nations of the North, on the southern shores emerge Nations, which, in response to today’s civilization, are eager for development and strongly decided to dominate their destiny.
A common history and the same fund of civilization give a fundamental unity to the two shores of the Mediterranean beyond the divergences and secular comparisons; and a complementary economic and cultural potential can resume in the near future a top-level role in the Mediterranean.
In this regard, the European Union is the instrument of excellence in this mechanism, and Italy, together with other countries such as France, Spain, Portugal and Greece, could cause the European Community’s decision-making center to move more to the south and to consequently Italy would give more voice to its marginalized Mezzogiorno.
Concretely, C.M.R.S. it intends to unite all the Mediterranean and surrounding countries, proposing it as a unique instrument, where interactive and multimedia paths are grouped through a cultural, social and economic partnership under the sign of development and starting from deep cultural roots and traditions to investigate the Mediterranean identity.
Starting from the equal teaching of the Mediterranean and European languages, which take into account today’s immigration and immigration reality, it must become concrete at the institutional, university level and freely on highly technical and professional goals.

(*) Founder of Mediterranean University